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Jim Bierfeldt is the founder and chief strategist at Logistics Marketing Advisors, a marketing firm that helps logistics businesses define and communicate their value, and then translate that value into revenue.

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Selling Logistics: The Challenger Strategy

Let’s say, instead of marketing and selling logistics, you sold office furniture. Your current challenge: set up sales visits with local office managers. Should be easy, right? Your company has a very large selection of chairs, desks and other office equipment, maybe the largest, and your prices are extremely competitive. But your calling efforts are

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Logistics Copywriting: Keep it Simple

Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Simple is hard. But when it comes to logistics copywriting and marketing, simple is a must. Here’s why. Buyers of logistics products and services are busy people. They have short attention spans and, if we manage to grab their

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The “IngerSource:” A borrrrrring, but effective creative brief template

For many years, I worked at an advertising & public relations agency. I was a “suit,” not a “creative.” In other words, I managed the clients and provided input to the art directors and copywriters, who translated this input into ad concepts, slogans and commercials. The magic. (For the Mad Men fans out there, I

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Words Matter When Selling Logistics

When selling logistics services, do you ever wonder if the words you use in your sales and marketing materials really matter? Check out the video below, courtesy of our friends at Purple Feather in the UK. Click here to view the Purple Feather video on YouTube. If you think the blind man’s situation can’t be

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Who Owns Logistics Sales and Company Growth? Everyone.

Let me tell you about two meetings with two separate logistics companies. The agenda of both was exactly the same: a broad 3-hour discussion about market trends, company and competitor strengths, and potential logistics sales and marketing strategy options to support company growth. When I arrived for the first meeting, I was surprised that the

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Marketing Logistics: Would You Rather Be Liked By Many, or Loved By a Few?

This week’s blog poses a philosophical question: Would you rather be liked by many, or loved by a few? For humans (statistically, still the majority of this blog’s readers), the answer would likely be love and the rewards that come with these deep emotional bonds. Okay, for freight brokers and some transportation companies, it might

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Logistics Writers: why you want your first draft to suck

As marketers and logistics writers, we like to think we can churn out some pretty, polished prose. Even stuff with alliteration. But that’s not what matters most. What matters most is the IDEA, and whether the reader can feel the emotion behind the thought (and continue reading beyond the fourth sentence). Passion before polish. Logistics

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Are Logistics Conferences Worth the Marketing Investment?

One of the questions I get most often about marketing for logistics businesses is about logistics conferences and trade shows. Are they worth the cost to participate? And no wonder. Add up the conference registration, airfare, hotel and rental car costs and you’ve got a pretty chunky per-person investment – a cost which gets even

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Think Time

When it comes to the home, yard and garden, my wife and I are the perfect combination of creativity and brawn. She’s the decorator, gardener and landscape architect with an eye for where pictures should be hung and where new perennials should be planted. I am the (shockingly low-paid) labor, dutifully hammering, digging and otherwise

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How to Sell Logistics Services: Advice from Your Prospects

If you want to know how to sell logistics services, the best people to ask are your potential customers. A while back, I surveyed 200 buyers of logistics services on the best ways to communicate with them about logistics products and services. Their responses are outlined in this eBook. Here are the major themes that

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