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Content Marketing for Logistics: Does it Work?

See this image?  It’s a choice that our prospects face every day as they look for solutions to problems. Which direction would you take? Which direction would your prospects take?

Content marketing for logistics is based on helping, not selling

Lots of companies want to engage in a sales discussion. But fewer simply offer to help with useful information aimed at solving a common problem.

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Logistics PR Opportunities: Avoid “Pay for Play” Ploys

The email may start out something like this:

“XYZ Logistics has been identified as an innovative logistics provider that we would like to feature in an upcoming issue of INDUSTRY WORLD (I made up this name) – a magazine aimed at CEOs and senior operations executives…”

The email is typically sent to the CEO of

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Logistics and the Hard Sell

You’re at a good friend’s house party. It’s Friday night and you want to relax and unwind after a long, hard work week.The host introduces you to someone and walks away.  You share a laugh and some small talk with your new acquaintance during a casual five-minute discussion. Then the person says: “Hey, it seems we have a lot in common.  Will you be my friend?”

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Lead Generation for Logistics: The Fad Diet Approach

With the New Year approaching, many of us (including me) will resolve to lose weight.  Some will take the slow, steady route, while others will look for fad diets to get them there faster and easier. I find the quick-fix approach to weight loss very similar to the approach to lead generation for logistics businesses.

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Selling Logistics: The Challenger Strategy

Let’s say, instead of marketing and selling logistics, you sold office furniture. Your current challenge: set up sales visits with local office managers.

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Words Matter When Selling Logistics

When selling logistics services, do you ever wonder if the words you use in your sales and marketing materials really matter?

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Marketing Logistics: Would You Rather Be Liked By Many, or Loved By a Few?

This week’s blog poses a philosophical question: Would you rather be liked by many, or loved by a few?

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Logistics Writers: why you want your first draft to suck

As marketers and logistics writers, we like to think we can churn out some pretty, polished prose. Even stuff with alliteration.

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Are Logistics Conferences Worth the Marketing Investment?

One of the questions I get most often about marketing for logistics businesses is about logistics conferences and trade shows. Are they worth the cost to participate?

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How are vaccinations like knowledge marketing?

Did you know that most vaccines contain a little bit of a disease germ?

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