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Jim Bierfeldt is the founder and chief strategist at Logistics Marketing Advisors, a marketing firm that helps logistics businesses define and communicate their value, and then translate that value into revenue.

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Content Sharing: Time to Reinvent the Wheel

If part of your logistics marketing strategy involves content creation and content sharing, I’m willing to bet you work too hard and worry too much. We spend so much energy on creating content, we forget to focus on the relatively easier task of sharing what we create. After all, the content itself doesn’t engage or

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To win in logistics marketing, lose the fear

I like nature in the raw. Seeing and experiencing unexplored places. With family obligations and work, I don’t get to scratch that itch often, but I’ve done remote glacier hiking in Alaska, spent time in the Amazon rainforest, walked through the South Bronx after midnight (OK, not fair. I grew up there.). Once, in the

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Marketing Supply Chain Services: How Do You Spend Your Time?

When marketing supply chain services or products, how do you spend your time — telling your story or getting others to tell it for you? Just guessing here, but, if you’re like most B2B marketers, you spend less time on cultivating referrals and word of mouth marketing than you should. The folks at Implisit did

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Is This Man Your Next Logistics Sales Rep?

Have you seen the 2007 film, Michael Clayton? If not, check it out. Great movie. George Clooney is excellent in the title role, and Tom Wilkinson is even better in the supporting cast. Anyway….the film is about an unusual type of lawyer. A “fixer.” Someone who helps clients in very sticky situations. Not “I’m six

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Is Logistics Art?

I read a quote the other day from marketing pundit Seth Godin: “Don’t find customers for products, build products for customers.” This got me thinking about artists, designers and other creatives. Isn’t that what they do? They get work by doing great work and earning and cultivating a reputation. People then seek them out, and

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Marketing Logistics Services the Pinball Machine Way

In my younger days, I spent many a night in a particular Irish tavern in the Bronx, NY. Good friends. Good fun. Good beer. And a few things you’d see in most taverns – a pool table, a dart board and, over in the corner, a pinball machine. I didn’t mess with the pinball machine

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Is Your Logistics Website Mobile-Ready?

I’m posting a little early this week to call attention to today — April 21 — as the day Google’s newest algorithm change goes into effect. The biggest change is that internet searches done on mobile devices will now favor logistics websites that are mobile-friendly. That’s significant since more than 60% of online traffic comes

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A definition of marketing for logistics

Marketing is becoming a more relevant role within logistics businesses, but the function is rarely a driving force for the company. Often the responsibility for marketing is given to the top sales executive because the chief executive believes sales strategy should drive marketing activities (a subject for another blog). That structure can work well, as

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Should the logistics sales funnel be inverted?

The symbol of the funnel has been used for years to represent the custom acquisition process. Lots of stuff comes in the top, and a small percentage falls to the bottom as new customers. The folks at MECLABS have a different view. They suggest that people are not falling into your funnel, they are falling

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Marketing Logistics Services: Heed Your “Parent” Voice

Conformity is a powerful force. Nowhere is it more powerful than middle school and high school. Parents know it and most of us have made the speech more than once. “Be yourself…Find your own voice…Celebrate your uniqueness… Don’t be a cookie-cutter kid…(fill in your own version)” Despite the speeches, conformity often wins. Why? Because being

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