We can help: 
  • Design and build a great looking site that clearly communicates your value proposition and delivers on your marketing objectives
  • Develop search optimization strategies to attract more visitors to the site and keep them there with great content
  • Convert visitors into actual prospects that feed your sales pipeline

Our Website Audit service is a quick, cost-effective way to determine what’s working and what needs to be improved on your logistics website, from usability to search optimization.

Web Marketing Services
  • Website design for viewing on standard monitors and mobile devices
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Search engine optimization / SEO services
  • Website content writing, from page copy to premium content
  • Website development.  We have experience developing on a number of different platforms, including Hubspot, an excellent platform for inbound marketing.
  • Testing and deployment
Search Optimization

In the digital age, 92 percent of buyers start their search on the Web and they complete 57 percent of the buying process before they engage with a sales rep (source: Oracle research). You want to be found when they are looking. And that requires a search optimization strategy. 

Google and other search engines are constantly enhancing their search algorithms to penalize companies that try to “trick” search engines into believing their content is relevant.  The best approach: write useful web content that helps your prospects answer a question and get the information they need.  From there, we apply the science of search optimization to make sure Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can find that content.

When asked about the benefits of search engine optimization, most logistics businesses will say “more website traffic.”  But when it comes to selling high-value logistics services, getting more visitors to your site is not nearly as important as getting more of the right visitors that meet your marketing objectives– prospects that have a logistics problem and are looking for a solution.  Sometimes going after low-volume, but highly targeted, search terms results in the highest quality leads.