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Logistics Marketing has Become a Game of Hide-and-Seek – in Reverse

The way buyers purchase high-value logistics products and services has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, but too many logistics businesses haven’t adapted their marketing and sales efforts to reflect how today’s logistics decision makers buy.

Marketing has become a game of Hide-and-Seek – but in reverse.

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Use the New GDPR Legislation to Rethink the Way You Market

“GDPR.” You’ve likely seen those four letters pop up in your news feed and inbox quite a bit recently. Those letters are short for General Data Protection Regulation – a law created by the European Union (EU) to give its citizens the ability to protect their personal data and online privacy. It went into effecton May 25, 2018.

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Marketing Shortcuts and Other Oxymorons

Don’t rely on marketing shortcuts to grow your business. Instead, build a logistics marketing system for the long term.

If you are the P&L owner of a logistics business, the absolute wrong question to be asking about marketing is How do we get leads fast?”

Instead, ask yourself: “How do we become known for those things we do best among the prospects most likely to buy our service?”

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Small World Marketing and the Logistics Industry

small_worldThe world is small, and getting smaller.

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Outside-In Marketing: Don’t Sell a Service, Solve a Problem

Outside In Marketing from Logistics MarketingToo few logistics businesses practice “outside-in marketing.” Instead, they focus their marketing on the services and key features they (and 500 other companies) offer. That’s a great strategy if your marketing goal is to blend in and go unnoticed.

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Practical Content Marketing Templates

Content has become the centerpiece of many logistics marketing programs. The downside of that for logistics marketers is that creating good content takes a whole lot of time.

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These Leads Suck! Marketing’s Role in Lead Qualification

“These leads suck!”

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Marketing for Logistics: Is There Too Much Content?

Logistics businesses are getting wise to the idea that “helping” is the new “selling.” When marketing for logistics, more and more educational content is being created that aims simply to make prospects smarter.

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Content Sharing: Time to Reinvent the Wheel

If part of your logistics marketing strategy involves content creation and content sharing, I’m willing to bet you work too hard and worry too much.

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Is Logistics Art?

I read a quote the other day from marketing pundit Seth Godin:  “Don’t find customers for products, build products for customers.”

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