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Jim Bierfeldt is the founder and chief strategist at Logistics Marketing Advisors, a marketing firm that helps logistics businesses define and communicate their value, and then translate that value into revenue.

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Logistics Sales Tip: Be the "Sherpa" for Your Specialty

This week’s logistics sales tip: change your approach from “selling” to pure, selfless, ask-nothing-in-return “helping.” You’ll build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with prospects, get more referrals and, ultimately, close more business. Learn more in this blog post.

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The Most Fearsome Logistics Sales Competitor: The Status Quo

Companies invest time and energy to explore a change – new carrier, new warehouse provider, new software – but in the end they do nothing at all. Meanwhile, logistics businesses invest thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars to chase accounts that, very often, can never be caught. Learn the top 5 tips that prospects are unlikely to buy.

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Practical Content Marketing Templates

Content has become the centerpiece of many logistics marketing programs. The downside of that for logistics marketers is that creating good content takes a whole lot of time. Logistics business aren’t exactly known for keeping large marketing staffs, so it’s important that your content creation process is as efficient as possible. Following are a few

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These Leads Suck! Marketing’s Role in Lead Qualification

Content marketers need to own the lead qualification process. Whether Marketing delivers “likely candidates” or “sure-thing candidates,” either path requires more effort to identify the non-buyers, poor fits, and early-stage prospects. Learn about lead qualification strategies and methods, including qualifying leads in the middle of the sales funnel, and if Marketing is prepared to own the pre-qualification process.

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Strengthen the Role of Marketing Within Your Logistics Business: Become the Buyer Expert

3PL businesses are not marketing driven and the role of marketing in logistics is not well defined. At least that’s been my experience having worked with close to 75 3PLs large and small. Are there exceptions? Sure. But, by and large, the role of marketing is less strategic and marketing folk have less influence at the

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Logistics Buyers Reveal How to Sell Them Logistics Services

Learn How to Get & Keep Logistics Buyers’ Attention As someone who markets and sells logistics services, imagine the value of gaining insights into the selling process from the logistics buyers themselves. Insights like: What do companies want most from a logistics partner? How do prospects prefer to be contacted? Which information sources do they rely

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Don’t Be A Wimp: Boldly Promote Your Logistics Business

Don’t worry too much that your message is not on exactly target or fiddle around with variations of features and benefits. Put yourself out there. Say something provocative – and do it in a way that forces people to react to it or consciously ignore it.

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Marketing for Logistics: Is There Too Much Content?

Logistics businesses are getting wise to the idea that “helping” is the new “selling.” When marketing for logistics, more and more educational content is being created that aims simply to make prospects smarter. According to Brad Berger, publisher of the logistics information portal and magazine Supply Chain Brain, “The volume of provider-generated content has easily

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Logistics and the Hard Sell

You’re at a good friend’s house party. It’s Friday night and you want to relax and unwind after a long, hard work week.The host introduces you to someone and walks away. You share a laugh and some small talk with your new acquaintance during a casual five-minute discussion. Then the person says: “Hey, it seems

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Lead Generation for Logistics: The Fad Diet Approach

With the New Year approaching, many of us (including me) will resolve to lose weight. Some will take the slow, steady route, while others will look for fad diets to get them there faster and easier. I find the quick-fix approach to weight loss very similar to the approach to lead generation for logistics businesses. Often,

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