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Your logistics prospects are bombarded with thousands of messages daily and have grown cynical about many of advertising messages that attempt to sell them on a service.

Is your business getting credit for its industry knowledge and expertise?

Using public relations to earn media attention:

Public Relations tells your story through more objective, more credible channels, such as a feature story in a logistics magazine, a recommendation from an influential blogger, or a speaking engagement at a major industry conference.

Logistics Marketing Advisors offers decades of experience and proven success in public relations for logistics companies, having successfully pitched and placed stories in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, USA Today, Forbes and numerous logistics and other trade magazines.

Our logistics public relations services include:

Logistics clients of our PR services can leverage our skills and experience, as well as the relationships we enjoy with consultants and journalists who report on the logistics sector. It’s this proven ability to create a PR plan that’s right for your logistics business that can make all the difference.

Public Relations for Logistics Companies

Need PR for logistics services?

Contact us to discuss your logistics public relations needs in more detail.

Let us help you craft and execute a PR plan that is designed specifically to get your logistics business the attention it deserves:

  • Developing relationships with key national media or trade journal contacts
  • Helping build your company’s thought leadership
  • Securing speaking engagements at major industry conferences

We’re ready to help.