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Design, plan, place, budget

Digital marketing is not just about having a good website.

Your prospects have access to an ever-growing collection of entertainment, news and social interaction venues. We’ll help you determine where, when and how to reach them online with smart marketing strategy.

Affordable search engine and online marketing strategy services include:
  • Analysis of your prospect’s online behavior and creation of buyer personas
  • Online advertising plans – banner ads, directory listings, white paper listings
  • Email marketing
  • Online newsletter creation and distribution
  • Pay-per-click advertising management
  • Social media posts
  • Development of your own social media sites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter

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Navigating the Range of Media Choices

Logistics professionals divide their time across many online information sources.  The key is to place your content when and where it’s most likely to be seen by your best prospects.  We make it our business to understand the media outlets available in the supply chain industry and the vehicles they offer to get your message out in ways you can afford.

Need online marketing assistance for your logistics business?


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