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Long-range planning and roadmaps + executive meetings + campaign design + execution

We can turn your strategy into a marketing plan.

This plan will become an important part of your blueprint for business growth. We’ll work with you to:

  • Establish clear objectives – and we’ll link these marketing objectives directly to the sales plan
  • Map out strategies and marketing tactics – advertising, PR, content, direct marketing, special events
  • Create an execution plan, with dates and responsibilities
  • Ensure measurement of results in order to determine the ROI on marketing investments

Most often, Logistics Marketing Advisors’ staff works as a seamless part of our clients’ teams to implement marketing plans.  Regular meetings are held to gauge progress against the plan and to ensure accountability for commitments.


Meeting Facilitation

A marketing plan can benefit from input from top executives.  We are skilled at planning and orchestrating half-day and full-day planning workshops that bring key executives together to brainstorm and drive consensus on key business issues.  We’ll work with you to plan the workshop, we’ll facilitate it and summarize all input and decisions in a detailed follow-up document.  Workshops are a great way to jump-start the planning process in order to pull together plans quickly. 

Selection of Marketing Tactics

We’ll work with you to evaluate options for marketing tactics to determine which will deliver the best ROI.  Plans might consider a range of marketing activities, including:

Need Marketing Planning Services for Your Logistics Business?

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