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Marketing strategy + Brand messaging

“Who are we and how are we different?”

In the crowded logistics sector, where many service providers look and sound the same, it’s hard to get noticed (and drive leads) without a clear, differentiating value proposition.  But many companies mistakenly adopt a “we do anything for anybody” approach, assuming that an appeal to a broad range of prospects will increase success.  Often, it simply increases the chance your message will get lost.

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Play Your Position: Marketing Lessons 3PLs Can Learn From Youth Soccer.

Whether you’re a 3PL, a carrier, a supply chain software company or an equipment company, we’ll work with you to define your niche in the logistics market and create a platform for company growth.

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Play Your Position: Marketing Lessons 3PLs Can Learn from Youth Soccer

Logistics companies often make the same mistake as the six-year-old soccer player. They want to be part of every play. But in an increasingly competitive market, a “we’ll do anything for anybody” message won’t cut it.

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Logistics Market Positioning Services
  • Detailed analysis of market trends, competitor strategies and your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Creation and testing of positioning statement options
  • Recommendation on positioning/core value proposition
  • Messaging platform development
What’s Your Marketing Destination?

Your market positioning is your marketing destination. It’s the perception you want prospects to have of your brand as a result of your communications. Executing a marketing plan without a clear positioning strategy is like leaving for a trip and not knowing exactly where you want to go. You may get there eventually, but the trip will be longer and much more expensive than necessary. Our article, Play Your Position, includes a fill-in-the-blank template to create a market positioning statement.

Defining your value proposition is a component of overall branding strategy. Our branding services for logistics businesses can help you present a consistent and powerful face to the market.

Need Strategy and Positioning Services for Your Logistics Business?

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