Logistics businesses need a better way to market.

Specifically, they need to move away from annoying, interruptive cold calls and emails aimed at selling a product and toward creation and sharing of information that engages prospects around solving a specific problem.

These days, high-value logistics products and services are bought, not sold. Your future customers are nearly 70% through the buying process before they engage suppliers. They key for you is to get noticed during the early part of this buying cycle, when prospects are educating themselves about their problem and exploring potential solutions.

Why the urgency to find a better way? 

  • Prospects hate unsolicited calls and emails.  Technology has created ways to simply avoid or ignore them, which is bad for old school marketers. Your prospects are, however, hungry for ideas on how to operate faster, better and cheaper.
  • Salespeople hate making unsolicited calls and sending unsolicited emails.  Who wants to cold call busy people you don’t know?  Rely on marketing to fill the top of the sales funnel and let your salespeople do what they’re best at – building trust, developing solutions and closing deals.

What’s the antidote to better logistics marketing?

  • Inbound marketing – a strategy that leverages helpful content to get prospects to find you.
  • Targeted outbound marketing that sends highly personalized communications to companies whose needs closely align with your unique value proposition.

Introducing Magnet Marketing for Logisticssm

Based on our 20+ years of experience marketing to logistics professionals, Logistics Marketing Advisors has created Magnet Marketing for Logisticssm – a proven marketing system for generating more awareness and sales leads for your brand.

For each component of the system (see diagram), we use processes and tools that have been fine-tuned over two decades. This results in highly efficient and effective program execution, predictable results, and a better ROI on marketing investments.

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