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Like warehouses, truck fleets and supply chains, logistics brands need to be managed.

Branding isn’t marketing.  While marketing may attempt to promote your service (“Buy this because it’s better…”), branding is who you are and why your company exists. It’s the consistent expression of your culture, your core value proposition, and your identity.

Branding for Logistics Companies

It’s Your Brand

We can help define and communicate your logistics brand, in words and images.

Our branding services include:

  • Development of clear value proposition and message platform
  • Expression of core values
  • Naming and tagline development
  • Logo development
  • Graphic standards guides for stationery, truck panels, signage
Sample Branding Projects
  • Created new brand logo for large freight forwarder, together with manual on guidelines and usage for all instances of the logo
  • Created booklet describing the company culture at a large third party logistics company.
  • Developed tagline for a national reverse logistics company
  • Developed new name for a $100 million spinoff logistics business
  • Created new logo and message platform for freight transportation consultant
  • Developed brand and strategy recommendation for a global lead logistics provider

Need Help Defining Your Brand and Messaging?

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