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Logistics Marketing Articles

We occasionally write articles on logistics marketing activities on various aspects of marketing strategy and execution for logistics businesses. Below are several marketing articles that share our point of view.


2016 Survey eBook CoverLogistics Buyers Reveal How to Get, and Keep, Their Attention

Our new 2016 eBook summarizes the results of our survey of buyers of logistics services, including verbatim comments that take you inside the minds of your prospects and how they feel about the many marketing and sales pitches they field daily.

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Five Deadly Sins Cover

The Five Deadly Sins of 3PL Marketing

Article examines common marketing mistakes made by third-party logistics providers.

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3PL Americas magazine, a publication of the IWLA (International Warehouse Logistics Association)Article Reprint:
Five Digital Marketing Trends and Why You Should Care

This is a reprint of an article that ran in the Summer 2015 edition of 3PL Americas magazine, a publication of the IWLA (International Warehouse Logistics Association).

Create an online experience…that makes them think, “I’ve arrived at the right place.”

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Marketing Logistics Services eBook

Marketing Logistics Services: 200 Buyers of Logistics Services Weigh In On How to Get, and Keep, Their Attention

This article summarizes the results of a survey of buyers of logistics services on the most effective ways to communicate with them.

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Lead Generation for Logistics Businesses: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

During a phone discussion on marketing with the senior executive of a large, warehouse-based logistics firm, I shared my perspective that many such companies make salespeople work too hard to unearth sales opportunities. After a brief silence, the executive said, tersely, “That’s what I pay them for.”

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Play Your Position: Marketing Lessons 3PLs Can Learn from Youth Soccer

Logistics companies often make the same mistake as the six-year-old soccer player. They want to be part of every play. But in an increasingly competitive market, a “we’ll do anything for anybody” message won’t cut it.

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Finding a Logistics Provider Is Nothing Like Finding a Plumber (Or Is It?)

This article explores the issue of risk as it applies to finding a plumber or finding a partner for logistics services.

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