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Stories, releases, media relations

Securing high-profile publicity can be hard, but it’s worth it.

The trade and business media offer one of the most credible and effective means to get your message across. But, unlike paid advertising, you can’t just make a call and place your story. It takes smarts and experience to:

  • Identify your most compelling stories
  • Map those stories with what target media want to talk about
  • Package your story to deliver maximum value to the reader or viewer in order to pique the interest of an editor or producer

That’s what we do at Logistics Marketing Advisors.

LMA Magazine
Logistics Publicity Services
  • Public relations strategy
  • Regular editor contact
    • Feature stories
    • Monitoring editorial calendar opportunities
  • Press release drafting, distribution and placement
  • Media tour coordination
  • Trade show and special event coordination
    • Journalist meetings at trade shows and conferences
The Importance of Case Studies

When it comes to logistics publicity, it’s less about you and your services and more about your customers and the benefits they gain.  In other words, it helps to have customers willing to invest time to speak to reporters.  Your best logistics publicity opportunities are when a creative logistics solution drives real benefits for a customer, and that customer is willing to talk.  Good PR doesn’t require customer participation, but it helps.  

Need Publicity Services for Your Logistics Business?

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