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Category Archive for ‘Tools & Tips’

Empathetic Marketing: An Interview with Brian Carroll

Recently I had a chance to do a Q&A with my colleague, Brian Carroll, consultant and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. I have followed Brian’s B2B Lead Blog for years and was interested in his latest focus area, empathetic marketing. Here are the highlights of our discussion. Read the Full Article

Practical Content Marketing Templates

Content has become the centerpiece of many logistics marketing programs. The downside of that for logistics marketers is that creating good content takes a whole lot of time. Logistics business aren’t exactly known for keeping large marketing staffs, so it’s important that your content creation process is as efficient as possible. Following are a few Read the Full Article

Logistics Buyers Reveal How to Sell Them Logistics Services

Learn How to Get & Keep Logistics Buyers’ Attention As someone who markets and sells logistics services, imagine the value of gaining insights into the selling process from the logistics buyers themselves. Insights like: What do companies want most from a logistics partner? How do prospects prefer to be contacted? Which information sources do they rely Read the Full Article

The “IngerSource:” A borrrrrring, but effective creative brief template

For many years, I worked at an advertising & public relations agency. I was a “suit,” not a “creative.” In other words, I managed the clients and provided input to the art directors and copywriters, who translated this input into ad concepts, slogans and commercials. The magic. (For the Mad Men fans out there, I Read the Full Article

Think Time

When it comes to the home, yard and garden, my wife and I are the perfect combination of creativity and brawn. She’s the decorator, gardener and landscape architect with an eye for where pictures should be hung and where new perennials should be planted.  I am the (shockingly low-paid) labor, dutifully hammering, digging and otherwise Read the Full Article

Create Your Marketing Dashboard Now

If you don’t have one, create a marketing dashboard for your company now. Like today. Certainly before the new year. It’s the document you would share each month with your CEO, and your sales lead, to provide an objective assessment of what business results are being achieved from the company’s marketing investments. It might looks Read the Full Article