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Category Archive for ‘Selling Logistics Services’

Why an Active Marketing Program is a Logistics Company’s Best Salesperson

I was talking recently to my colleague Joe Lynch, who produces the Logistics of Logistics podcast. We got on the subject of marketing being a logistics company’s best sales person and Joe suggested “Let’s do a podcast on that.” So we did. Check out this recent episode of the Logistics of Logistics podcast.

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Marketing Logistics Services: How to Get, and Keep, Buyers’ Attention

Every couple of years, Logistics Marketing Advisors does a survey of professionals who make or influence purchasing decisions on logistics products or services.  This year, we surveyed 100 buyers online and then followed up with direct interviews with 10 of these respondents to dig a little deeper.

Empathetic Marketing: An Interview with Brian Carroll

Recently I had a chance to do a Q&A with my colleague, Brian Carroll, consultant and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. I have followed Brian’s B2B Lead Blog for years and was interested in his latest focus area, empathetic marketing. Here are the highlights of our discussion. Read the Full Article

The Most Fearsome Logistics Sales Competitor: The Status Quo

Companies invest time and energy to explore a change – new carrier, new warehouse provider, new software – but in the end they do nothing at all. Meanwhile, logistics businesses invest thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars to chase accounts that, very often, can never be caught. Learn the top 5 tips that prospects are unlikely to buy. Read the Full Article

Logistics Buyers Reveal How to Sell Them Logistics Services

Learn How to Get & Keep Logistics Buyers’ Attention As someone who markets and sells logistics services, imagine the value of gaining insights into the selling process from the logistics buyers themselves. Insights like: What do companies want most from a logistics partner? How do prospects prefer to be contacted? Which information sources do they rely Read the Full Article

Selling Logistics Services: Is the Emphasis on “Me” or “You?”

What if we showed up at an initial meeting with a company and spent 100% of the time understanding what they care about?  No power point slides.  No stories about the industry award you just won. No selling, period. Then go away and take everything you learn about that person’s logistics needs and personal motivations Read the Full Article

How Big is Your Funnel?

I am an advocate of content marketing, which is basically creating useful information that addresses the challenges faced by your best prospects. The idea: more prospects will consume this helpful information (versus chest-thumping promotional content), thereby increasing the number of leads generated at the top of the marketing and sales funnel. But many of these Read the Full Article