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Category Archive for ‘Marketing Logistics’

Strengthen the Role of Marketing Within Your Logistics Business: Become the Buyer Expert

3PL businesses are not marketing driven and the role of marketing in logistics is not well defined. At least that’s been my experience having worked with close to 75 3PLs large and small. Are there exceptions? Sure. But, by and large, the role of marketing is less strategic and marketing folk have less influence at the Read the Full Article

Marketing Logistics Services: Heed Your “Parent” Voice

Conformity is a powerful force. Nowhere is it more powerful than middle school and high school. Parents know it and most of us have made the speech more than once. “Be yourself…Find your own voice…Celebrate your uniqueness… Don’t be a cookie-cutter kid…(fill in your own version)” Despite the speeches, conformity often wins.  Why?  Because being Read the Full Article

Simple and Clear at the Head of the Spear

When I talk about brand positioning and marketing message strategy with logistics company clients, I sometimes use the metaphor of a spear.  You know, that pole with the dangerous, pointy thing at the end. Spears are probably the most commonly used weapon in history.  (At least according to my unassailable source, Wikipedia). They tend to Read the Full Article

Create Your Marketing Dashboard Now

If you don’t have one, create a marketing dashboard for your company now. Like today. Certainly before the new year. It’s the document you would share each month with your CEO, and your sales lead, to provide an objective assessment of what business results are being achieved from the company’s marketing investments. It might looks Read the Full Article

How Big is Your Funnel?

I am an advocate of content marketing, which is basically creating useful information that addresses the challenges faced by your best prospects. The idea: more prospects will consume this helpful information (versus chest-thumping promotional content), thereby increasing the number of leads generated at the top of the marketing and sales funnel. But many of these Read the Full Article