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Category Archive for ‘Logistics Sales’

Why an Active Marketing Program is a Logistics Company’s Best Salesperson

I was talking recently to my colleague Joe Lynch, who produces the Logistics of Logistics podcast. We got on the subject of marketing being a logistics company’s best sales person and Joe suggested “Let’s do a podcast on that.” So we did. Check out this recent episode of the Logistics of Logistics podcast.

Marketing Measurement for Logistics: What to Show the Boss

Marketing is viewed by executives at logistics business as an expense, not an investment. To change this perception, marketing measurement must focus on sales results, not activities. Keep C-level reporting focused on sales with these four reports. Do that and you’ll be seen as buttoned-up, results-oriented, and personally accountable. Read the Full Article

The Most Fearsome Logistics Sales Competitor: The Status Quo

Companies invest time and energy to explore a change – new carrier, new warehouse provider, new software – but in the end they do nothing at all. Meanwhile, logistics businesses invest thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars to chase accounts that, very often, can never be caught. Learn the top 5 tips that prospects are unlikely to buy. Read the Full Article

These Leads Suck! Marketing’s Role in Lead Qualification

Content marketers need to own the lead qualification process. Whether Marketing delivers “likely candidates” or “sure-thing candidates,” either path requires more effort to identify the non-buyers, poor fits, and early-stage prospects. Learn about lead qualification strategies and methods, including qualifying leads in the middle of the sales funnel, and if Marketing is prepared to own the pre-qualification process. Read the Full Article

Who Owns Logistics Sales and Company Growth? Everyone.

Let me tell you about two meetings with two separate logistics companies. The agenda of both was exactly the same: a broad 3-hour discussion about market trends, company and competitor strengths, and potential logistics sales and marketing strategy options to support company growth. When I arrived for the first meeting, I was surprised that the Read the Full Article

How to Sell Logistics Services: Advice from Your Prospects

If you want to know how to sell logistics services, the best people to ask are your potential customers. A while back, I surveyed 200 buyers of logistics services on the best ways to communicate with them about logistics products and services.  Their responses are outlined in this eBook. Here are the major themes that Read the Full Article

Selling Logistics Services: Is the Emphasis on “Me” or “You?”

What if we showed up at an initial meeting with a company and spent 100% of the time understanding what they care about?  No power point slides.  No stories about the industry award you just won. No selling, period. Then go away and take everything you learn about that person’s logistics needs and personal motivations Read the Full Article